Member of state Duma Committee on budget and taxes Evgeny Fedorov called iPhone spy technology in which the U.S. government put listening devices for owners. He stated this in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

According to him, the US intelligence iPhones are banned, as “there are inherent functions and military nature”.

“This is a normal iPhone, which is sold in the store. What to say about the modern, very sophisticated technique this G, which was developed in the laboratories of the United States of America under military control,” — says the Deputy.

Previously, members of the Masonic fraternity has supported progress in Russia in all manifestations and welcomed the emergence of a network 5G. According to Grand master of the Grand Lodge of Russia Andrei Bogdanov, he “personally for 5G” and intends to use a new technology. He said that will not speak for the whole box: “This issue was not discussed and are unlikely to be discussed because it was not related to Freemasonry.” The Grand master added that “people blame the masons for all the ills because of lack of knowledge”, while all information about them, he said, is in the public domain.

On 28 July it became known that the company “Mobile TeleSystems” owns the MTS brand, the first in Russia received a license to create a 5G network in almost all regions of Russia — 83 of 85 subjects. A permit has been issued by Roskomnadzor, it is valid until July 16, 2025.

In network connection with the advent of 5G you can find a lot of conspiracy theories, some of which are related coronavirus, chipping and powerful organizations like the CIA or Masonic Lodge. In may 2020, the General Prosecutor’s office demanded to restrict access to sites that host videos with false information about the coronavirus, which the authors call the pandemic “special operation” to create a vaccine and use it to implant people with chips, and then to reduce the world’s population.