In the state Duma amendments on state regulation of prices for products

the proposal was made by the deputies of the faction “Fair Russia”, headed by leader Sergey Mironov.

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev/RIA Novosti FAS: Reasons for growth of prices for buckwheat and sugar no

According to the initiative, the Russian government will “freeze” retail prices for products and for their significant rise in. Namely, if prices for the month rose more than 30%. The deputies recalled that in late March, a mechanism imposed on drug prices.

– We offer to distribute it for socially important products of the first necessity – meat, fish, milk, eggs, cereals, vegetables from the “borsch set”, – said Mironov.

He also noted that under current law, the government “has the right” to regulate the price of food products. “Our initiative makes it right in the direct responsibility of the Cabinet”, – said the MP.

Powers to limit trade margins on the same products MPs propose to give regional authorities. While the retail price in stores, said the authors, should not exceed producer prices by more than 50%, and prices of wholesale suppliers – more than 20%.

Producers of vegetables suspected retail in winding prices

Now a trading network “cheat” on some of the goods up to 300% and net profit of retail, said Mironov. Such cheating, in his estimation, especially inappropriate against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

In the explanatory note, the developers say: “it is Necessary to provide unconditional mechanism of regulation of prices on food commodities in the event of significant appreciation”. It is noted that this step ensures prompt appropriate action not only in the current 2020the combat coronavirus infection, but also in a similar situation in the future.