In the new York zoo marked the first known case in the world of the coronavirus at the tiger, it could infect people

the First well known case of infection with coronavirus tiger recorded at the Bronx zoo in new York. National laboratory of veterinary services Ministry of agriculture confirmed SARS-CoV-2 have a four year old female Malayan tiger named Nadia, said the environmental protection Society (WCS), which manages the zoo.

the Animal was tested after he had a dry cough. The first symptoms at the tiger appeared on March 27. The Bronx zoo is closed to the public since March 16. The same symptoms showed up at sister Nadia Azul, two of the three Amur tigers and African lions. In the diseased animals had decreased appetite, but in General their condition is satisfactory. It is expected that the animals recover, they are under the supervision of veterinarians.

Nadia Allegedly contracted from a zoo worker, who courted her, and he had no signs of disease were noted. One of the Amur tiger – infected neighbor of a tiger – no symptoms are detected. The experts also tested other cats in the zoo’s male Malayan tiger, two tigers, leopards, cheetahs, snow leopards, pumas and servals and came to the conclusion that they are all healthy.

all staff who care for felines in the four WCS zoos, take preventive measures to prevent further infection. In Service inspection of health of animals and plants in U.S. Department of agriculture said that the country has not presented any evidence of human infection by coronavirus from animals, including Pets. However, the Department asked for cases of coronavirus to restrict contact with Pets.

According to a study by researchers at the Harbin veterinary research Institute, cats are susceptible to COVID-19, marks RIA “news”. The representative of the crisis headquarters of Belgium to combat the spread of coronavirus in the end of March, said Thuon in the country was recorded case of transmission of coronavirus from the owner to the cat. Another case of coronavirus have been detected in cats in Hong Kong, the owner of the animal was also hospitalized with COVID-19.

the study by Chinese scientists published in bioRxiv and not yet confirmed by independent experts, says that cats are infected with coronavirus in the laboratory. There are also signs that an infected animal the virus was transmitted to a healthy cat by airborne droplets. In the body dogs the virus has taken root is bad, and in the body of pigs, chickens and ducks it was not detected at all.

the Study is not proof that cats can infect humans, said InoPressa translation of Der Spiegel article about this work. The results are based on laboratory experiments in which animals were specifically infected with a large dose of virus. That is not the way of transmission of the virus in real life, said a virologist from the University of Ohio Linda Saif in an interview to the scientific journal Nature. According to her, there is no evidence that concentrations of the virus enough for the cats to infected people.