In the championship of Russia on basketball still left the intrigue

Recall that in the other two terminated tournaments the results are already announced. The winner of the women’s Premier League is recognized as UMMC (Ekaterinburg), confidently leading at the time of stop of the championship. In the women’s super League 2 (third division) clubs do not have time to finish the matches of the final stages of the playoffs. Classification of teams was conducted by a sports principle, the title of “Samara”.

Photo: Michael Sinitsyn Why “Khimki” to be recognized as the champion of Russia on basketball

Now, after consultation with the Ministry of sport on the formation of the final classification of teams and determination of winners and prize-winners of the championship, the Department’s professional basketball League (head – champion of Europe 2007 Nikita Morgunov) make the results of the three leagues to the Executive Committee.

In different countries and in different team sports national federations and leagues, the leaders of different approaches to summarizing the incomplete tournaments. Somewhere the decision is made to consider the title not awarded, but the classification for representation in the European competition next season is. Apart from the information on the rotation between divisions for the next championship, based on the actual position of teams at the time of suspension. So it is very interesting what decision the Executive Committee of the RBF on the outcome in three divisions.

Men’s Superleague 1

double round Robin tournament of 16 teams stopped at the moment when the participants conducted from 25 to 27 matches out of 30. Date of last meeting – 17 March. Initially it was assumed that the strongest eight from 12 April will fight in the playoffs.

the European championship in basketball was moved from 2021 to 2022

leaders: “Spartak-Primorye” (Primorsky Krai) – 21 wins – 5 losses, BK “Samara” – 21-5, “Petrel” (Yaroslavl) – 17-9, “Uralmash” (Ekaterinburg) – 17-9, “TEMP-SUMZ-UMMC” (Revda) – 16-10, “East-65” (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) – 16-10.

Theoretically, one solution may be the final classification according to the actual situation at the time of termination of the tournament. As such, it is made in the men’s High League “A” championship of Russia on volleyball.

the winner of the first stage of the championship of Russia on cyberbattle

In basketball at equality key indicators primary additional criterion for the distribution are the results of personal meetings. In this regard, it is useful to see how the played between teams in the super League 1 occupies the first, second, third or fourth place. It is possible that these data may become dominant in determining the winners.

the Dispute for the first place: “Spartak-Primorye” – BK “Samara” – 79:65, 76:79. The dispute for the third place: “puffin” – “Uralmash” – 90:76, 70:84. In Yaroslavl and Yekaterinburg in-person meetings are the absolute equality of forces. But the General difference of points throughout the tournament better in the Thunderbird. Waiting for the verdict of the Executive Committee of the RBF.

Men’s super League 2

Almost completely, except for a few games, completed the preliminary stage. 14 teams were divided into 2 subgroups, then events have been held for 1-6 and 7-14 places. Since April 5. It was planned to hold a play-off with the participation of 8 clubs.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/RIA Novosti the basketball team “Lokomotiv-Kuban” have not found a coronavirus

For a possible definition of winners it is important the actual position of the top three teams in group “b” for 1st to 6th places: “Cheboksary Hawks” (Cheboksary) – 14-4, BC “Tambov” (Tambov region) – 12-6, “Dynamo” (Magnitogorsk) – 10-8.

PRAvda, there are nuances. That left four matches, including two meetings between cheboksarski and Magnitogorsk. And neither would be classified Tula Arsenal. Led by principal advocate of “Fair play” by Andrei Kirilenko (he is also European champion 2007) the League has removed the team from among the participants of the championship of Russia for the incident, which occurred on December 7 last year in the gunners match against “Dynamo” (Stavropol) at the first stage – “for the lack of wrestling in the final quarter”. And it happened two days later after a strange match. Then Arsenal appealed to the international court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Recently promulgated the CAS decision: the appeal is dismissed.

Women’s super League 1

Chetyrehluchevoy tournament 12 teams stopped at the moment when the participants spent 40 to 44 of all scheduled matches. In April, the strongest eight were to make the playoffs.

the UMMC recognized as the champion of Russia on basketball among women’s teams

it is very important that the leaders of the regular championship held all planned at this stage 44 of the match. The semantic primacy of the official winner of the regular championship of the command “Rostov-don-southern Federal University” (39 wins – 5 losses) is not questioned, because the second-ranked “Dynamo farm” (Kursk) figure 34-10.

Perhaps in the near future there will be an occasion to congratulate the new title of President of the basketball Federation of Rostov region, the Olympic champion of Barcelona 1992 Helen Shvaybovich. Brilliant in the past a shooting guard, she as the head of public organization showed its highest level. The contribution of shvaibovich in the emergence and success of the Rostov women’s team masters great.

Tournaments RBF with a final classification

the Women’s Premier League: 1. UMMC (Ekaterinburg). 2. “Dynamo” (Kursk). 3. “Hope” (Orenburg region). 4. “Sparta & K” (Vidnoe). 5. “Yenisei” (Krasnoyarsk Krai). 6. IBA (Moscow). 7. “Dynamo” (Novosibirsk region). 8. “Spartak” (Noginsk). 9. “Dynamo” (Moscow).

the Women’s super League second division: 1. “Samara” (Samara). 2. Nadezhda -2 (Orenburg oblast). 3. “Yunost” (Penza region). 4. “Peresvet” (Rostov region). 5. “Dynamo-Energia” (Ivanovo). 6. “Spartak”-2 (Noginsk). 7. Enisey -2 (Krasnoyarsk Krai). 8. Dynamo -2 (Novosibirsk oblast).