In Moscow said goodbye to writer Yury Bondarev

– Yuri Bondarev was buried in the cemetery came closest family. Was honor guard, salute triple – quoted Ivanov TASS.

Putin expressed his condolences in connection with death of the writer Bondarev

Recall that the writer died on March 29. He died on 97-m to year of life, just a couple of weeks ago – March 15 – noting the birthday, and in may was preparing for a meeting of the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

Born Yuri Bondarev in Orsk. Was the Great Patriotic war where he was wounded twice. Later enrolled in College, worked in the workshop of Konstantin Paustovsky. Readers still loved “the Battalions are asked to fire” (1957), “Silence” (1962), “Two” (1964) and , of course, a novel about the battle of Stalingrad “Hot snow”. The writer’s works have been filmed, and he was awarded numerous medals and awards.