In a secret ballot, Weil received 82 yes votes, 63 deputies voted no, and there were no abstentions. SPD and Greens together have 81 seats in the new state parliament.

Because the entire legislative period of five years in office, a record beckons him: Then he would replace the former CDU politician Ernst Albrecht as Prime Minister with the longest term in office in Lower Saxony.

During his first term from 2013 to 2017, Weil governed together with the Greens. At that time, the alliance lost its one-vote majority prematurely because a Green MP had switched to the CDU. A grand coalition of SPD and CDU followed. However, before this year’s state elections, Weil had made it clear early on that he was aiming for a return to red-green.

With 33.4 percent, the SPD was clearly the strongest force ahead of the CDU in the October 9 election. With 14.5 percent, the Greens achieved their best result so far in Lower Saxony. The AfD made it into the state parliament as the fourth parliamentary group. The FDP and the left, on the other hand, failed at the five percent hurdle. The SPD politician Hanna Naber was elected as the new President of the Landtag.

Germany’s political system – basic knowledge (display)

In the new state government, the SPD has six ministers in the departments of economy, home affairs, social affairs, justice, science as well as federal and European affairs. The Greens receive the finance, culture, environment and agriculture departments. Weil’s deputy is the new Minister of Education, Julia Willie Hamburg, from the Greens. The cabinet will be sworn in on Tuesday afternoon in the state parliament.

The first major political project by Red-Green is to be a relief package worth around one billion euros in the energy crisis. Small and medium-sized companies, day care centers and schools, cultural and sports facilities as well as the health and care sector should benefit from this. A supplementary budget for this is to be launched in November.

In addition, the government wants to introduce a nationwide valid 29-euro monthly ticket for schoolchildren, trainees and volunteers. In addition, a state-owned housing company is to be founded for more affordable housing, the goals for climate protection and the expansion of renewable energies are to be tightened and the starting salaries for many teachers are to be raised.

In the new state parliament, the SPD has 57 seats, the CDU 47, the Greens 24 and the AfD 18 MPs.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wants to reform the hospitals. But his suggestions are by no means met with enthusiasm by everyone. Midwives have now started a petition against one of the innovations.

Hasan Alkas is a professor of microeconomics with a focus on international markets, he was an advisor to the Minister of Transport and Communications in Turkey for several years and worked at the European Commission in industrial policy. He loves Germany, but he ruthlessly exposes Germany’s weaknesses.

Soldiers from a Russian naval brigade openly criticized their commanders on Telegram. Their actions resulted in the brigade losing 300 men in just four days. “They don’t care about anything except adorning themselves. They call people flesh,” the letter reads.

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