In jail, impose restrictions on reception of prisoners

the Federal penitentiary service said that in the detention centers a regime of special conditions. In fact, most public buildings closed their doors, entrance-exit severely restricted.

the Prisoner will be compensated for the lost in prison health

the Staff of detention centres of Moscow and Moscow region translated into a two-week work schedule without going beyond institutions.

“In the next 14 days the workers, who took on shift will remain on duty, – emphasized in the Federal service of execution of punishments. – Such measures are dictated by the need to protect suspects, defendants and convicted prisoners from infection in prison.”

Prostenon reception of parcels. Temporarily halted the removal of prisoners for judicial investigations. Investigators and attorneys may visit prisoners in the jail. But lawyers should be held in the premises of the room short visits – through the glass. In exceptional cases, upon written request arrivals can meet at the investigative offices in the presence of PPE: masks for respiratory protection, Shoe covers and gloves.

in Prison USA will isolate the prisoners in the cells for two weeks

President of the Federal chamber of lawyers of Russia Yury Pilipenko noted that in the various subjects of the Russian Federation the procedure for the admission of lawyers to the defendant contained in detention centers, and visits to relevant institutions of the Federal penitentiary service established in different ways, and expressed the hope that in the coming days this issue will be achieved uniformity.

In Moscow to accept new detainees will be only one isolation prison No. 7 in Kapotnya. In the suburbs with 6 aprella detainees will be taken in SIZO No. 11, located in Noginsk.

“Recall that the Federal service of execution of punishments organized round the clock monitoring and control over epidemiological situation in the establishments and bodies criminally-Executive system. Also organized simply medical monitoring of personnel criminally-Executive system,” pay attention to prison Ministry.

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin/TASS Attorneys recommend asking for the release from prison of older defendants

From April 1, at the first appearance of respiratory illnesses among inmates and personnel of the Department will necessarily be carried out laboratory studies COVID-2019.

“Received in the institutions of biomaterials from individuals who become ill SARS, will be sent for testing at COVID-2019 in the regional Federal budgetary health care institution subordinate to the Federal service, – told in the prison Ministry. – Also, soon to be completed refurbishment of the immunology laboratory of the medical unit 77 of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia in Moscow for testing for novel coronavirus infection”.