A photo from Glasgow goes viral. Ethan Dearman selflessly protects a dog waiting outside the supermarket from the pouring rain. The security guard holds his umbrella over the golden retriever instead of trying to get himself dry. He is now being celebrated on Twitter for the campaign.

A touching scene erupted in front of a supermarket during a rain shower in Glasgow on Sunday. A security guard from Morrison’s chain used his umbrella to protect a dog waiting outside the store.

The golden retriever was apparently waiting for his master when the pouring rain started. Twitter user Mel Gracie observed the scene and posted a photo on the social media platform. Within a few days, the picture had almost 150,000 likes and was shared over 20,000 times.

The tattoo artist also found the security guard. The Scotsman Ehtan Dearman was immediately celebrated by users on the platform for his selfless act.

He is said to have said to Gracie about his action: “You never know how a dog feels in the rain”. At least the Golden Retriever looks very happy in the photo.

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