A police officer from Giessen is said to have made racist remarks to an alleged troublemaker. The video in which the police officer told the man to go back to his “pig country” circulated on the TikTok platform. Investigations are now underway against the active officials, and the public prosecutor’s office has also been initiated.

After a suspected racist incident, investigations are underway against an officer at the central Hesse police headquarters. The police officer is said to have made racist remarks to an alleged troublemaker, as the Bureau announced in Gießen on Tuesday. The words can therefore be heard on an Internet video that has been spreading rapidly on the TikTok platform since Monday. The man filmed the officer during a police check, whereupon the 34-year-old policeman asked the man to put the cell phone away and finally added: “Go back to your pig country.”

According to the police, disciplinary proceedings have already been initiated against the police officer, and the public prosecutor’s office will also be involved. It is still unclear whether the official will also be suspended from duty.

The Bureau became aware of the clip on Monday evening, identified the officer and secured the sequence for further investigations. The police asked the previously unknown victim to get in touch as soon as possible. It is currently assumed that the incident occurred in Gießen in autumn 2020 at the latest, a spokesman for the police headquarters said.

“Such a racist statement to a citizen is completely unacceptable and never acceptable – regardless of what may have happened in the specific situation,” said police chief Bernd Paul according to the announcement. The case was “completely and consistently cleared up”. The criminal investigations and according to the Presidency, the administrative examination, which was also initiated immediately, is ongoing.