The construction of the Chinese orbiting space station is scheduled for completion by about 2022, for a total of 12 will fail the mission, said at a press conference on Tuesday the assistant to the head of the office of the Program of manned space flight, China JI Qiming.

"to Complete the construction of Chinese space station is planned for 2022, it is planned to implement a total of 12 missions," said JI Qiming.

According to him, after a successful start on Tuesday the carrier rocket "Changzheng-5V" with the prototype of a new manned spacecraft, it is planned to put into orbit the base module of the station "Guangzhou", as well as two experimental module "Venetian" and "Mantani", which will be the basis for the future station.

During this time, it is also planned to launch four manned spacecraft "Shenzhou" and four cargo ships "Tanjo".

China on Tuesday successfully conducted the first launch of its newest carrier rocket "Changzheng-5B" with the prototype of a manned spacecraft of new generation. The launch took place at 18.00 local time (13.00 GMT) from launch complex LC-101 spaceport Wenchang in Hainan island. Aboard the rocket was a prototype of a manned spacecraft and a prototype of a cargo return capsule. After 488 seconds of flight the payload was separated from the rocket and went into orbit, the mission was deemed successful.

Booster "Changzheng-5B" with a launch mass of 849 tons reaches 53.7 meters in height and 5 meters in diameter, it is one of the modifications of the most powerful Chinese missiles "Changzheng-5". The missile is equipped with four boosters with a diameter of 3.35 meters each. In low earth orbit, it can deliver up to 22 tons payload.

"Changzheng-5" is the basis of all the upcoming ambitious space missions of China. First, it will have to deliver to the moon the probe "Chang’e-5" for collecting samples of lunar soil, after which the probe must return to Earth. The second mission will be the launch of the first Chinese Rover on the surface "red planet", and the third to launch the base module for the construction of a Chinese space station.