2022 was a year of chaos in aviation. And at least for one Canadian airline, the problems will continue seamlessly in 2023. Sunwing Airlines is making headlines with cancellations.

The problems are so great that the Canadian holiday airline no longer flies to one state.

All flights from Saskatchewan are canceled up to and including February 23, the airline announced on Twitter. Saskatoon and Regina airports are affected. According to the Canadian media, many vacationers are still stuck abroad because they have not yet received replacement flights home.

Andrew Leeming, chief of operations at Saskatoon Airport, said it was “unusual” for an airline to cease operations entirely, according to the Western Standard. However, it has been the second time recently. Just four weeks ago, Air Canada also announced that it would stop all flights at the two airports.

Air Canada had stated that it would concentrate more on major Canadian destinations in the future. Sunwing took the liberty of taking a dig at the staff. In addition to the aftermath of the winter chaos that also prevailed in Canada, the lack of pilots is also responsible for the cancellations in Saskatchewan.

“We had hoped to meet the demand from Saskatoon and Regina with the help of foreign cockpit crews. Unfortunately, the use of foreign pilots was not approved,” the airline said.

What she means by that: The union had not approved the plan to temporarily hire pilots from abroad.

But of course she sees it differently. “No additional pilots could have prevented the effects of the severe winter weather on Sunwing’s operations,” said the union Unifor.

The airline also bears sole responsibility for the long delays travelers are facing to get home, he added.

In Canada, an airline must be able to cope with bad winter weather. “This is Canada, not Barbados,” said a union representative.

The fact that Sunwing was not able to plan the crews on the planes after the storm was entirely their fault.

This article was written by Laura Frommberg

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