In Anapa found coins of XVIII XIX centuries

Archaeologists during excavations in the ancient city Gorgippia in Anapa found household items, coins and cannonballs with the remnants of buildings and constructions of XVIII – XIX centuries. The message about this appeared Friday on the official website of the Krasnodar Krai administration.

"In Anapa on the territory of the ancient city Gorgippia discovered new archaeological finds. In the upper layers of archaeological excavation sites have been identified with the remains of buildings and structures XVIII – XIX centuries. Findings presented household items, kitchenware, coins, cannonballs", – stated in the message.

This year’s excavations at the location of the ancient settlement are held in connection with the construction of the new building of the sanatorium-resort complex. It is noted that in Krasnodar Krai remains of hundreds of ancient cities, settlements and necropolises are recognized as objects of cultural heritage protected by the government.

"this year at the expense of the regional budget is scheduled to work 30 monuments of antiquity. For these purposes is allocated more than five million rubles," is given in the message word the Deputy Governor of the region Sergey Boldin.

The ancient city of Gorgippia (now the archaeological Museum under the open sky), located in Anapa, more than two thousand years ago was not only trade and craft center, but also the frontier fortress and one of the largest ports of the Bosporan Kingdom. Numerous archaeological findings record the existence of the ancient settlement together with the necropolis under the Central part of Anapa from the fifth century BC to the III century ad, when the Gorgippia died as a result of enemy invasion.