Shortly after moving into the jungle camp, Tessa Bergmeier asked herself whether she was right there. As a vegan, she could not possibly represent her values ​​​​there, so the model. “I don’t understand – what are you doing here anyway?” asks Womanizer Gigi Birofio. The reality star, who recently starred on ‘Temptation Island Vip’, is also facing reality in the Australian bush: “I’m even prepared for bovine semen. Practiced with my own.”

Too much non-vegetable protein for the convinced vegan Bergmeier: “These body parts come from earlier individuals,” she comments on the components of the first major disgust contest. The “Bar-Bäh-Cue” joyfully announced by new moderator Jan Köppen contains, among other things, a buffalo tongue declared as a “Schnuten-Schnitzel”.

While she eats Lucas Cordalis, heir to the throne of the first German jungle king, bit by bit (“It’s somehow too much”), Tessa almost bursts into tears: “Animals are friends and my body is not a grave.” Actress Jana Pallaske is under her new one Middle name “Urkraft” also given over to spirituality (“I didn’t want to sell my soul to Hollywood”). She, too, refuses animal products (“But I would have tried the stinky fruit with fermented tofu”), but also Bergmeier’s know-it-all attitude such as “‘Vegans…break…insiders’ have fewer heart diseases.”

Complaints of a different kind deal with Claudia Effenberg and Papis Loveday in the first jungle test, who opt for a taste of crocodile eyes. “It’s all about team spirit,” says the pragmatic footballer’s wife Effenberg, who, flanked by the model from Senegal, is finally able to swallow the questionable delicacy, chewing heavily and belching waves. Just as disgusted, but almost stoic and ultimately successful, the refreshingly self-ironic influencer Jolina Mennen (“I’m some trulla from the internet”) and reality starlet Cecilia Asoro (“I’m loud”) devote themselves to an arrangement of pig penises.

The ringed genitals had previously been rejected by radio presenter and celebrity companion Verena Kerth and Gigi Birofio (“Just imagine, it’s from Marc Terenzi”) and instead tried spitting and failing on the “puke fruit” Durian. “I think the penis is quicker to eat,” Jolina decides against the beef testicles, which Cosimo smells, chokes on and fails.

Not so Jolina and Cecilia: Before the end of the prescribed minute, both ate the bright pink pieces. Remains New German Wave icon Markus Mörl (“I give gas, I want fun”) only “Marinated Kot-Lett” in the form of a goat’s anus. True to his all-time hit, he chews on it until it’s over and secures another star for the camp.

The culinary hardships seem to weld the troupe together at first – until it comes to another sensitive topic. So it’s up to Tessa to distribute the beds. She secures one of the most comfortable for herself. That annoys Jolina: “It’s not just about you.” The model replies: “Speak to me in a normal tone and not so aggressively!” Jolina counters: “I don’t have to talk to you here!” “Oh ha” , shares Claudia Lucas: “I knew that she would make a ruckus, but that she would start right away …”

After Tessa rehashes old hurts from another shared reality format with Cosimo (“Liar!”), Claudia is next entangled with Tessa. “My foot hurts, I feel handicapped,” complains the 57-year-old. “The word is not appropriate,” says Tessa, who insists on political correctness, “or do you have a disability card?” She alone is entitled to it: “I have a bipolar illness and am 60 percent severely disabled.” Not only this information leads to Claudia’s first jungle camp interim conclusion: “Oh God, what did I do here?”

Tough stuff to start with, which Jolina Mennen shrugs and comments with complete insight: “What has to go has to go – tears, diarrhea, vomit. That’s why it’s looked at.”

“I’m a star, get me out of here!”: With these words, Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen rang in the jungle camp on RTL on Friday evening (January 13).

After three years, the jungle camp is finally back where it belongs – Australia. Only one person is missing.

Filip Pavlovic was crowned king of the jungle in South Africa last year. While a new winner will soon be crowned, Pavlovic is still under discussion.

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