Although he voted for Ron DeSantis in the Florida gubernatorial election, Donald Trump openly threatens his Republican party colleague if he enters the presidential race. Who is the man the ex-president fears so much?

So will Donald Trump announce his renewed candidacy for the presidency on November 15 in the “very big announcement” he announced? Everything points to it. How else would his statements from Tuesday be interpreted. Quite bluntly, he threatened Ron DeSantis, the winner of the Florida gubernatorial race, with uncomfortable revelations should he enter the 2024 White House race.

He can say things about DeSantis that aren’t particularly flattering,” Trump told Fox News Digital on Tuesday. “I know more about him than anyone – except maybe his wife.” If he competes, it could be very painful for him, Trump continued. “I think he would make a mistake. I don’t think it would be good for the party.”

During the midterm elections on Tuesday, the 76-year-old appeared with his wife Melania at a polling station in Palm Beach near his Mar-a-Lago estate. When asked by a reporter if he voted for DeSantis, Trump said, “Yes, I did.”

In plain language: governor yes, presidential candidate no. DeSantis, who also positions himself as hard right, is said to have ambitions alongside ex-Vice President Mike Pence to get in the ring against Trump in the Republican primary. The controversial ex-president, who has still not officially acknowledged his deselection two years ago, is already warming up to the argument. Trump is expected to officially announce his candidacy soon.

But the clear victory in Florida over the Democrat Charlie Crist should also give DeSantis a tailwind with a lead of more than 20 percentage points. The 44-year-old spoke immediately of a “landslide victory” and announced: “Florida is where ‘woke’ will die.” are, but Florida held out.”

Just four years ago he had won there by a narrow margin. The “Sunshine State” is also of great importance at the federal level, as it is considered a so-called “swing state” in which voters put their crosses with the Republicans and the Democrats.

Though long considered mutual supporters, the bond between Trump and DeSantis has clearly been severed. The governor was absent from a large Trump rally on Sunday evening in Miami. US media, citing Trump employees, reported that Trump had not been invited and had not asked to attend.

Trump had verbally shot DeSantis the day before. In a speech he called the potential rival “Ron DeSanctimonious”. “Sanctimonious” means hypocritical. Hypocritical because DeSantis has long since decided, but not yet made it public, to compete in 2024?

The magazine “New Yorker” described the no less right-wing populist DeSantis as “Trump with a brain”. And indeed, the CV of the 44-year-old is quite impressive: captain of the baseball team at the elite Yale University, graduate of Harvard Law School, deployment in Iraq. Governor since 2018. Future President?

Before becoming the first man in the state of Florida, DeSantis was a member of the US House of Representatives. In the 2018 gubernatorial campaign, he was one of Trump’s pampered boys. The then president called his party colleague, who was 32 years his junior, a “brilliant young leader”.

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Even if Trump is now moving away from DeSantis, they remain relatives in spirit. At campaign events, the 44-year-old spoke about the “indoctrination” of children and young people in schools through the “spreading of gender ideology”. In March, the father-of-three signed a “Protection of Parental Rights to Education” law that bans teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity up to the third grade.

The increase in crime in the country caused by illegal immigrants is one of his recurring themes in public debates or on television. In September, for example, he caused an international sensation with a rather transparent PR campaign when he had migrants flown from the US border to the posh holiday island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. The primary concern of DeSantis was to protest President Joe Biden’s immigration policy.

In Florida, his followers love him for it. It remains to be seen whether this also applies to the rest of the United States. Trump still has the floor anyway.

The US midterm elections are on Tuesday. Joe Biden’s Democrats could lose their narrow majority in the US House. Ex-President Trump announced an important announcement after the midterms.

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