Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has denied rumors that he needed an emergency bathroom break during Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Browns, insisting that he exited the game due to cramps.

Baltimore held a 14-point lead early in the fourth quarter when Jackson suddenly ran to the locker room, citing health problems.

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A camera caught the player jogging to the locker room with the Ravens saying his return was questionable as he was suffering from cramps.

I know that kind of run, and it ain’t because of cramps lol…

His sudden departure sent the internet into a frenzy, with fans speculating about the reasons. Many suggested that he simply faked the injury to cover for an urgent bathroom break.



@Lj_era8 it’s cool you had to poop man. Everyone does it. Just tell em ” yeah I had to poop right quick and get this W”

Jackson, who missed nearly full two series due to cramps, returned to the field, leading his squad to a much needed 47-42 win.

He threw a 44-yard touchdown pass to Marquise Brown, helping his team regain the lead. He then set up Justin Tucker’s 55-yard field goal with two seconds left, sealing the Ravens win.

In the post-game interview, Jackson denied going to the toilet during the game, insisting he needed treatment for cramps.

Lamar Jackson coming back from the locker room after having to poop

Never underestimate the power of a good poop. -Lamar Jackson Praise be to Taco Bell

I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce,” Jackson said, referring to the former Boston Celtics star who was carried off the court in a wheelchair in Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals.

Pierce, who also quickly returned to the game, later claimed that he needed to go to the bathroom.