There have been rumors about soccer star Gerard Piqué for a long time. According to a media report, singer Shakira even caught her husband in flagrante delicto. Another report now says that Shakira suffered a panic attack in front of her house.

Singer Shakira (45) and soccer professional Gerard Piqué (35) have been a couple since 2011. The two also have two sons. There have often been rumors of separation and cheating, now the singer is said to have caught her partner having an affair, according to the Catalan daily newspaper “El Periódico”.

Also in the video podcast “Mamarazzis” journalist Laura Fa said: “The singer caught him with another and they will separate”.

Laura Fe went on to say that Shakira had known about her partner’s infidelity for a long time. That’s why she had “now made the decision to separate”. The journalist continues: “That’s the way it is. It happened. That’s why there is distance. Maybe it’s nothing, but it (the affair, editor’s note) happened.”

Piqué has been reportedly living in his old bachelor pad on Calle Muntaner in Barcelona for a while now. Fa explained in the podcast that the footballer has been repeatedly spotted in various nightclubs. Among other things, “in the company of other women”.

Shakira is said to have suffered a panic attack in front of her home in Barcelona last Saturday. This is now reported by the Spanish portal “iHola!”. According to eyewitnesses, she is said to have cried heavily on the street, doctors had taken care of her. Shakira asked to be taken to a hospital.

Piqué is also said to have been nearby and drove behind her to the hospital.

Most recently, Shakira had deleted all photos taken with her husband from her Instagram account. An official confirmation of the separation of the two is still pending.

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