After hurricane “Fiona” had cut a path of devastation through parts of the Caribbean islands, mainly with its heavy rain, the hurricane slowly moved northwards through the Atlantic. On Saturday (September 24) it hit Canada’s east coast as an extratropical storm, and the weather services were expecting record-breaking values.

At the core of the storm, a new low of 914 hectopascals (hPa) could then prevail for the region: the lowest measured air pressure to date is around 940 hPa. At the same time, heavy precipitation, hurricane-force wind gusts and extremely strong surf are expected: buoys on the high seas measured waves of sometimes more than 15 meters high.

The extreme weather could also endanger a unique breed of pony living on Sable Island off the coast of Canada, Reuters reports. Around 500 of the animals live on the treeless island, whose salient points are 30-metre-high, simple sand dunes and where there are hardly any opportunities for refuge.

The Sable Island ponies are used to storms, but according to the Canadian meteorologist Bob Robichaud, “Fiona” is particularly dangerous: The storm is moving slowly and affects an exceptionally large area with its strong wind field; plus the pronounced storm surge that will inundate lower parts of the island.

The horses are descended from animals brought to the island in the 18th century and later released. Since then, they have bred wildly and adapted to the harsh conditions of the region.

In addition to the horses, there is also a large colony of gray seals and a small group of Canadian National Parks officials on Sable Island. This team barricades themselves in the island’s only permanent building.

The above-average warm Atlantic favors that “Fiona” can move so far north with hurricane strength. On the open sea, the warm air masses of the cyclone meet a system of arctic cold air, which virtually rejuvenates and intensifies the storm again. On its further path after the shore leave, the storm then reaches the Canadian Arctic.

Strong winds in France blow a plane into the lake. Montpellier airport has been closed. The rescue workers are in action.

A hotel ship and a freighter collided on the Moselle for reasons that have not yet been clarified. The freighter came off the Kur and rammed a chewing wall, the hotel ship remained unharmed. Nobody was injured.

According to the fire brigade, two people died in a plane crash on the outskirts of Gera in Thuringia. According to initial findings, the casualties were two aerobatic pilots.

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