Experts of the Center for underwater research of the Russian geographical society (RGO TSPI) found hundreds of bottles on the wreck of the XVIII century, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of the RGS.

The ship was accidentally discovered at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic fleet in 2018. It lay at a depth of 50 meters near the island Powerful. According to experts, this cargo sailing ship – Dutch tjalk.

The divers began a detailed study of the facility in August 2020. On Board I found hundreds of glass bottles.

“On Board of the ship by divers was discovered an interesting cargo — hundreds of glass bottles: narrow and wide, factory made and handmade. The glass industry of the eighteenth century is represented on the ship in all its diversity”, – stated in the message.

Presumably, the ship was carrying alcohol products in St. Petersburg. Contents of bottles were not preserved; it is a “bad substance”. Some bottles have markings indicating that they were gin. The researchers of TSPI PRO also reported that the contents of some bottles smell of pine needles and eucalyptus.

Unique glass bottle XVIII century, planned to transfer to the State Hermitage Museum.

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