Xbox Live has the largest player base worldwide and millions of daily users. This makes it a powerful tool for reaching out to new audiences and providing value to existing customers. Xbox Live is also ideal for advertisers looking to reach consumers through gaming platforms or online gambling sites. Here is an article on the ways to play Xbox online.

Connect your Xbox to the Internet

Xbox Live requires connecting your console to the network, typically via a broadband modem connected directly to your router or a wireless access point in your home. Your Xbox can connect to Wi-Fi networks as well; however, this does not eliminate the need to connect to a wired connection. You have several options when choosing your broadband provider. Some are more expensive than others depending on what level of service you require. Cable providers generally offer faster speeds and greater coverage but may be very costly. Satellite and DSL services work better if they cover a wide area such as many rural areas do not have high-speed broadband available.

Get an Xbox Live Gold membership

An Xbox Live Gold Membership is required to use some features of Microsoft’s Xbox platform including the Xbox Live Marketplace, multiplayer games, and live streaming video over the internet. The cost of the subscription varies by region (see below). It is recommended that you sign up for a Gold subscription before purchasing any game titles because most retailers will accept only one type of authentication method at a time. If you already have an account with another service provider, like AOL or Yahoo!, there are some methods to transfer your account to Xbox Live. See our How To Transfer Account section for details.


The Xbox 360 Game Console was released in 2005 and since then has become one of the best selling consoles in history. People all around the world love playing video games on their Xbox 360. All you need is an Xbox Live gold membership which you purchase from any of these stores. With your Xbox, you can play all kinds of different types of games like sports, action, arcade, fighting, racing and much more. Get yours today!