How to organize the work of the house during the period of self-isolation

– it is Necessary to trick the brain, – says an expert on occupational medicine, associate Professor of hospital therapy Department of St.-Petersburg University Tatyana Veselova. – First, you need to allocate working space for your computer and it’s not a couch, next put the folder of documents or a work item (any) which was in the office. Do not work in bed or on the balcony. Secondly, you need to keep a familiar schedule: to sit at the table when it was done in the office. To eat on schedule. Not include music or other relaxing background.

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Often the second mistake – “sandwich work and leisure”, when the intermittent pauses are filled with going to the store or sitting in social networks.

– it Should be hard to become the leader himself, – says chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of health of Russia Zurab Kekelidze. – To live by the “internal clock” – the cycles, the timing of the breaks (no more than 10-15 minutes), and keep them no matter what. If you have problems with focusing attention, it is better to take a 15-minute unloading (tea, coffee, exercises for the neck and hands) that gives energy.

a Separate issue – the relationship with the household. Mostly home just don’t understand what “distracted for five minutes” – really changes the whole rhythm of work and leads to mutual resentment.

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– Should initially “agree on the Bank”, – says Professor of clinical psychology and psychological aid of the Russian state pedagogical University named after AI GERana Elena Vaknin. – If we denote the work schedule is one family member working at the computer from 10 to 14, and the second from 15 to 18, solved many problems. Children need to explain that adult while working, not to distract. Should print the two images – green and red. Red means that the adult is busy, green is “I’m playing with you”.

as for the Pets, with them, experts say is more difficult: the dog will be asked to walk and the cat to sit on a lap or keyboard. The dog should walk breaks, cat or cat, you can find a heating pad or warm spot nearby. It is much harder to negotiate with himself and his body.

– In isolation, people begin more and more is worse, snacking, – shares the supervision of the chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of health of Russia Zurab Kekelidze. – So people seize not only stress, but anxiety is a powerful stimulus of self-isolation. The recommendation is simple – do not eat in principle, on the usual schedule, avoid the sandwiches. In any case, don’t stick the alarm in the night.

a Set of rules – the organization of the workplace, the ability to become a leader yourself, to build a respectful relationship with the family and not overeating will help to teach you how to work at home.