How to change the school after mass

In her words, for most students, the transition to distance learning is expected turned into a constant internal struggle: there are more jobs and much more difficult to organize your day. There are many technical difficulties. But “udalenka” turned out to be another side – in this mode of learning 21% of children saw new opportunities for themselves, it was interesting to try to study differently. Such data were received by experts of the popular front and of the Foundation “National resources education”, a survey of 2.4 thousand parents and almost 2.7 thousands of students across the country.

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“We noticed that during remote training reduced the proportion of children who do not like to learn, – said Dukhanina. About 6% of boys report that they learn absolutely don’t like to quarantine the figure was 8.5 percent”.

For the 40% guys remote training proved to be psychologically more comfortable. Third – I believe that in remote mode they are learning as productively as in school, 27% – believe that the exams you can successfully prepare for “distance”. Almost a quarter of students are willing to study remotely and on, from books or online.

the Most frequently used online resources have become Class – it was used by 44% of the children surveyed, the Russian e-school (40%), Teach.Ru (27%), Diary.Ru (22%) and the school “Foxford” (14%). A third of students said that teachers offer online lessons via Skype, Zoom, Jitsi Meet and the other programs.

However, there is a big disadvantage: all online platforms now are working intermittently. This was reported by 88% used their children.

Even the flaws? To work with drawings and models in the “udalenka” is produced only every fifth student. Children also it became more difficult to remember information: only 22% of pupils with no special problems. Not helping the transition to the remote mode and better analyze data, draw conclusions thereon. Without difficulty cope with it 40% of students – 13% in less than two months ago.

video Tutorials for pupils of 9th and 11th grades will show on TV

– These skills were closely related. In the near future to win will be those educational platform that will be able to contribute to the development of basic abilities, not only to accumulate teaching materials and tasks, – said Lyubov Dukhanina.

What about her parents? Most of them understand what a difficult situation the world finds itself today. While 55% of respondents, rather or fully satisfied with how the school addresses the issues of training during quarantine. However, emphasizing the lack of communication with teachers (45%). However, 40% of respondents onf parents are convinced that distance education leads to lower level of knowledge: to pull the “tails” need to be engaged in addition, summer and even fall. Optimistic only 5% of respondents: they think that distance education is the quality is not inferior to full-time.

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however, experts and some parents think: when will be the first shock, the interest in the possibilities of distance learning, a number of families will increase. According to Dukhanina, the future of the digital school is associated with the appearance in it of specialists of a new type, including in the field of online education – educators and Tutors e-learning coordinators, online platforms, designers of individual educational trajectories:

“This is a profession of the near future. For the digital school need a fundamentally different pedagogical tothe refrigerator, which is still in the right scale is not created, – said Lyubov Dukhanina. The task of these specialists will translate the digital school of a storage format of tutorials, tests, and digital textbooks in a new quality.”

One of the elements of such school Dukhanina see the training modules on the intersection of science with different depth, different study. A number of modules can be used based on the previous, others are to varying degrees Autonomous.