As time passes by and streaming services start to take over, there are countless reasons why people are canceling traditional cable. The ever-increasing prices of cable TV are the primary reason why people want something cheaper and streaming services are the perfect alternatives. As a result, people are making conscious decisions of buying a streaming service with less than half the number of channels offered by cable. Secondly, streaming services are more convenient and offer a plausible solution to all the problems that are part of traditional cable.

However, providers are trying to evolve as a result of the threat from the streaming services. Thus, they have created a joint venture of cable and streaming. As a result, you get all the exciting channels from the cable, and on top; you have an on-demand service to binge-watch your favorite shows. Mediacom is an example. This a modern-day cable provider and in case there is a problem with the service, you can call Mediacom customer service that is much more efficient and gets the job done.

Here are the cable services that allow you to cut TV and keep just the internet service.


Spectrum is a prime example of how a modern-day cable provider should be. The TV service is affordable and beats any streaming service when it comes to on-demand, high-demand, and contract-free plans. You can keep just the internet with Spectrum. The internet speeds vary from 100 Mbps and go as high as 940 Mbps. The best thing is that you have unlimited monthly data and you can binge-watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime in 4K without having to worry about the data caps. The internet speeds are consistent. Most importantly, you get a free internet modem with all Spectrum internet plans. The Wi-Fi router is extra and there are separate monthly charges for that.

Nevertheless, efficient download speeds, unlimited data, free modem, and no contracts make Spectrum a top choice for every home.


As discussed earlier, Mediacom is a provider that has changed traditional cable forever. The TV plans are tailored with perfection to meet the requirements of an average American household. Yet, if you want to cancel cable TV and get the internet, you can do that. Mediacom internet offers fairly consistent, high-speed internet for your home and office. Although there are data caps, the amount of data you get in a month is sufficient for all the streaming and downloading. Moreover, Mediacom offers state-of-the-art equipment for the internet. Your overall experience is great. The download speeds range from 60 Mbps and go as high as 1 Gigabit.


WOW! also lets the customer have internet-only plans. Although the cable TV plans when bundled with the internet are affordable, it is your discretion whether you want to keep the TV in the equation or not. The internet speeds range from 100 Mbps and go to 1 Gigabit. The speed availability may vary from area to area. However, the speeds are quite consistent. Unlike other providers, WOW! has no fixed data caps. You can stream and download as much as you like.

Benefits of having internet-only plans

More streaming options

The internet-only plans with a cable provider open more avenues for streaming services. If you are into binge-watching, you can keep multiple streaming services at once and still pay less than what cable would cost you otherwise. The streaming wars have continued to mount up. Moreover, entertainment-based companies are coming with a streaming service of their own. This has left consumers in jeopardy as your favorite TV shows are available under different platforms instead of a couple.


Internet-only plans help you save on your monthly bill. The cable TV charges are subjected to increase every year and the cost of the equipment or cable boxes adds up. Therefore, getting an internet-only plan helps you save a lot on your bill.


Internet-only plans are more convenient as opposed to bundles. You get what you pay for. TV and internet bundles come up with a lot of extra stuff you probably don’t even need in your plan.


Just call your cable provider, cancel your TV service, return all the cable boxes, and keep your internet plan along with other streaming services to save on your bills.