This article looks at how the smart mobile phone has become an essential component of modern life and is now regarded as the equivalent of a supercomputer (for entertainment) in the palm of your hand. This has had a marked effect on modern society as we are now reliant on this technology for so many everyday actions and functions. Be it playing at online casinos, watching movies, or simply socializing with our friends, the smartphone is used for all of this.

Before smartphones

The mobile phone was primarily used as a means to communicate, call and speak and send messages. However, once the ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) microprocessor was developed to be as small and as powerful as possible, it was then possible to produce a small but extremely powerful mobile device. Coupled with the development of 3G networks, the mobile phone became the smartphone.

The smartphone

With the release of the iPhone 3G in 2008, we were introduced to the smartphone as we know it today. The range of apps, variety of uses, and an ever-developing array of features saw a huge demand for these devices, and this then led to a number of other makers entering the smartphone market. By 2013 one in 5 people owned a smartphone, and all the major producers were focused on the production and development of the smartphone. The first video call was made via Skype, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Smartphones are now used for online entertainment, online casinos, movies, and more

The smart mobile phone is now the main means of communication, workplace contact, and even as a hot spot for internet connectivity. It is also the smart mobile that is now used for gaming and online casino games alike. For example, you can play the best Australia online casino just as easily from your smartphone as you could in the actual casino, and for many, the experience at the mobile casino is just more immersive and cost-effective, saving on transport and expensive drinks. The smartphone as we know it has changed and mainly affected the way we access our media and entertainment.

Beyond the smartphone

The smartphone is expected to continue to be the main platform for mobile entertainment and media access. There are now specific phones made for streaming, gaming, and more, and this will simply continue as an expression of the advancements in technology, such as virtual reality, cloud-based gaming and interactions, and smarter handheld mobile devices. It is furthermore the smart mobile that is seen as the only means to totally seamless access to the workplace. Transferring files with a simple tap of the phone and seamlessly transferring video calls to the television or smart speaker are current realities. The future sees these going mainstream and becoming the norm.

The main concerns with such a connected and integrated world are safety and e-security. People have realized that privacy is king, and as such, it is imperative to ensure that any smart device is protected and information encrypted.

The smartphone has been the main tech tool driving our development, integration, and connectivity as a society. The information age is being powered by the smart mobile phone, and the possibilities are still somewhat endless.