A successful search engine optimization campaign will enable you to expand your customer base and increase your brand awareness, helping you take your business to the next level. However, in order for an SEO campaign to be successful, you will need to implement a range of different techniques. While many businesses focus on on-site SEO practices, other key techniques are neglected, limiting potential success. One of the key supplementary practices vital for SEO success is social media marketing.

What is Social Search Engine Optimization?

Social SEO is slightly different from other SEO practices, as it does not directly impact search engine optimization. However, that does not mean that social SEO is any less important than other techniques. On the contrary, social SEO is a powerful, indirect tool that can increase your search visibility and ranking.

Social signals, such as likes, shares, and comments, are important contributors to building trust, credibility, loyalty, and brand awareness. As one expert digital marketing agency explains, while the link might not be direct, the connection between SEO and social media marketing is undeniable.

Why is Social Media Marketing so Important for SEO?

The points below demonstrate why social media marketing influences the potential success of a search engine optimization campaign.

Social Media Marketing Improves Brand Awareness

Successful social media marketing can help you to increase brand awareness. When businesses have a regular schedule and post interesting, engaging and sharable content, this is likely to increase the number of people aware of your brand. This, in turn, can help to drive more traffic to your search-optimized web pages. Improving brand awareness and increasing the amount of relevant traffic to your site will have nothing but positive benefits for your SEO campaign.

Social Content Gets Indexed More Quickly

Once you have created new content, it can take some time before a search engine crawls and indexes the updated page. This means that there can be some delay in the effects of new content on your search engine ranking.

When you share links to new content on social media platforms, search engines signal the need to crawl and re-index refreshed pages. This means that social media marketing can increase the effectiveness of SEO practices like content creation.

Increase Your Backlinks

Backlinks are another key practice to a successful SEO campaign, as they help to show your site as a trusted, credible and respected source. Sharing links to engaging, interesting, and relevant content that you post on-site can lead to an increase in backlinks. In addition, by sharing posts on social media, you are alerting your followers and increasing the possible viewership for the content.

Social Media Provide Invaluable Data

The reactions that you have to the content that you post on social media can provide invaluably incites that you can use to inform your whole digital marketing strategy. Social signals alone can help you learn more about your target audience’s values, engage with, and respond positively. The more you learn about your target audience and their preferences, the better you are at running an effective digital marketing campaign.