How many Russians will equipping a home office

the cheapest set of notebook and tablet, with which to participate in videoconferences, to answer the video call will cost in Ulyanovsk and Tolyatti – a little more than 17 thousand rubles. The most expensive option in Moscow – an average of 35.2 thousand rubles.

Photo: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti How many hours a day students on distance learning

However, this set of equipment complete office will not work – will have to work at the kitchen table or in the room on the couch. To provide quality workspace will need to purchase office furniture.

Russia’s average table set will cost 45 thousand rubles. Most expensive would have to pay the residents of Moscow – more than 70 thousand rubles. The budget buy will be in Togliatti and Saratov in the region of 28-30 thousand rubles. This amount will include the desktop computer, small table, chair and Desk lamp.

Analysts record that in Irkutsk in March decreased prices for equipment from cost-effective set (compared to March 2019) – up to almost 29 thousand rubles. But in Nizhny Novgorod, on the contrary, prices increased from 19 thousand rubles and 23 thousand rubles. The same picture and in Chelyabinsk – the price of table set has increased from 33.4 thousand rubles to 40.6 thousand rubles.