Hospital through public services can be issued to another person

people can apply for sick leave remotely through a Single portal of public services not only on yourself but on other people such as close relatives, even if they are not registered on the portal. This explanation was given the Ministry of communications.

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev/RIA Novosti Putin signed a law to increase sick pay to the level of the minimum wage

From March 20 to July 1, 2020, Russia has the new policies of the hospital. Through the portal they can apply for returning from abroad, the Russians working and living with them citizens.

“We modified the service in the shortest possible time, so that people did not need to personally visit the clinic, and in connection with what is now from abroad back the Russians, who will comply with the mandatory 14-day quarantine,” – said Deputy Minister Oleg Kachanov.

to make the hospital to the electronic statement you want to make copies of the pages of the passport with a mark about the latest border crossing and electronic ticket on the train or plane and its copy, if the passport is not stamped on border crossing.

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If the hospital needs another person, is sufficient in written form to issue the consent to the opening of the hospital and to send the scan.

the information Obtained is automatically transferred to the social insurance Fund (SIF). After the verification within two business days of the electronic hospital will be downloaded to your personal Cabinet on the Single portal of public services. FSS will also provide information about the design of the Bolichnogo employer, explained in the Ministry of communications.