Sunday, 1. December: Finally X-Wings finally return to the Jedi, finally back to Star Wars! “Jedi Fall to Order” was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It is on 15. November, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows appeared.

What’s the point?

“Jedi Order” Fall in between Episode III and IV. The Empire is all-powerful, the Jedi order smashed. Cal Kestis is a former Jedi student, and feels the Power growing within himself. That makes him an enemy of the state No. 1 for the Sith-a cult of the inquisitors. To – how can it be otherwise – the (or to save at least parts of) the galaxy, jumps, runs, and the Padawan lichtsäbelt through multiple worlds from the Lucas-universe. In the process, he meets exciting characters, a shoddy-sweet robots, and masses of more or less dangerous opponents.

For whom is the Game?

Cal Kestis is the Protagonist of Action-adventure. From the beginning, he has a lightsaber, with which he opposes against hordes of stormtroopers and other galactic hazards. This makes abilities that allows him to jump more walls run along or initially inaccessible levels in the quasi-linear Levels to reach come. These puzzles, which he lard with a bit of brain and a lot of power application can solve come.

Who has studied as a child with war-of-the-stars-universe, will feel immediately at ease. The Design is oriented more to the latest films of the series. Also, the way the story is told, has less to do with the movies from the 1970s than the 2010s – years. But at least it is not based on the difficult budget of the rotatable episodes I to III.

How good it is?

and Now to the most surprising Part of this short test: “Jedi Fall to Order” a game that can simultaneously be hated and loved. Loved because of the beautiful characters, the nostalgic Sounds of the great Designs. Loved also because of the quite turn rich and exciting, but some “typical” Star-Wars-story.

Hated, because of the grungy control. As long as we are part of desperate to Jump-sequences, because of this DAMNED sequence IS to SKIP the final Jump after the cross verdammi want to Slip on to be INCREDIBLY IMPOSSIBLE Treff rope over the deep, DEEP abyss is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO! Phew, take a deep breath … The difficulty we have turned, in spite of decades of video game experience on the lowest Level, because such imprecise controls make the really cool lightsaber battles to pure luck game with a hell of a worse rate. Hated because of the Bugs that cause the game to one point in a cul-de-SAC. The man escapes only by a reboot.

This leaves us at a loss. Why is this not noticed in the development. Why is a game with such a great brand, not in all respects perfect? Only the Story has to hold. In the end were happy to have the final see, but annoyed about the felt seven controllers, we have peppered on the way in the corner.

rating: 2.5 out of 5 lightsabers (4.5 out of 5 for the Story and the world, 1 out of 5 for the control).