Ferda Ataman likes it when Germans are called “potatoes”. Now, on behalf of the federal government, she is supposed to deal with discrimination even more intensively.

The cabinet has reached into the box on the left again. The political scientist Ferda Ataman is to become the federal government’s anti-discrimination officer. One of their tasks is to fight hate and discrimination.

Until now, Ataman had attracted attention with left-wing slogans, which she herself used to trigger aggression. With her claim that the Homeland Ministry was primarily “symbolic politics for potential right-wing voters”, she had annoyed the Interior and Homeland Minister Horst Seehofer. He refused to take part in an integration summit with Ataman because she “connects my strategy for homeland with the National Socialists’ concept of homeland”.

Now save articles for later in “Pocket”.

She later defended the term “potato” for Germans without a migration background.

The association “Neue Deutsche Medienmacherinnen”, which she co-directs, disapproves of the criticism of foreign clans and only writes clans in quotation marks. She considers the question “Where are you from?” to be racist and a “relic of ethnic nationalism”.

The resistance to her nomination for public office is correspondingly fierce.

The Islamism expert Ahmad Mansour writes that she is more of a federal commissioner for division. She finds the Berlin imam Seyran Ates just as out of place as the chairman of the Kurdish community. Ali Ertan Toprak accuses her of preventing a discussion about anti-Semitism in the Muslim community. In the face of growing skepticism, Ataman has started deleting controversial tweets. Nevertheless, she still enjoys the support of the Greens and SPD, who are responsible for the proposal. They are miscast because they look at the world from the left.

The Germans deserve left and right extremists to be watched from the centre.

My diary from last week has risen to enormous click heights on the web.

This is partly because Health Minister Karl Lauterbach mocked my opinion with a tweet on Twitter, triggering comments. Thank you for advertising.

Unfortunately, criticism of those who think differently keeps him from dedicating himself to the essential tasks of the ministry. We hear little about plans against the nursing emergency.

Anyone who plays theater with important politicians experiences extra stress in addition to the usual stage fright. Four security officers check the stage, props and players.

The suspicious quartet is not pomposity on the part of the recently resigned Prime Minister of Hesse, Volker Bouffier. The four are regulations of the State Criminal Police Office because of the current risk analysis.

Nevertheless, the colleague Bouffier moves completely relaxed in the Darmstadt State Theater. In the cult comedy “Datterich” he plays a policeman: sovereign and absolutely sure of the lyrics. His wife Ursula, who visited us behind the scenes, bugged him often enough. The Hesse prince felt comfortable in the ensemble of lovers. He was the last to leave the theater at night after the premiere party.

FOCUS founding editor-in-chief Helmut Markwort has been a FDP member of the Bavarian state parliament since 2018.