Recruited Russian men apparently travel on trains in the most adverse conditions and no one knows where. The corona virus has also completely paralyzed a unit, reports a soldier.

“We had problems with respiratory diseases in the first few days,” says a member of the Russian Taman Division on Telegram. “There are now more sick people on board than healthy people, I have the impression that everyone is really sick,” it continues. Apparently, the men also had to endure ten hours on a platform and sleep on the floor, reports “t-online”.

Information spreads rapidly on twitter. In a video, a soldier turns to the public and asks for help. He says that he and others have been mobilized and assigned to the Tamansakya Detachment. They had been abused and now most of the people on the train are Corona positive. The officials are said to have quarantined the entire train.

There is also a lack of medical care or military leadership, the soldier complains while coughing again and again: “I myself have lost my sense of smell and taste, it’s the same for others. So we assume it’s the coronavirus. But there is no medical help, nobody will treat us”. The Russian wants to save himself and his fellow soldiers from the unfortunate situation: “We don’t want to get seriously ill, we won’t just sit on this epidemic train. In the meantime there have already been several heart attacks.”

The impression conveyed from the train fits the general situation surrounding the partial mobilization in Russia. Ever since Putin ordered the major recruiting offensive on September 21, chaotic conditions have repeatedly emerged, which reinforce the suspicion that the Kremlin is pushing through the partial mobilization completely without a plan and without regard for losses.