In an interview shortly after his birthday, actor Morgan Freeman speaks about racism in Hollywood. the 85-year-old reports that he only got some roles because of the color of his skin. In another case, a role even lost because of this.

Morgan Freeman (85) celebrated his birthday last week. Despite his advanced age, the actor is doing well. “The hair is grey, the gait is a bit slower and the limbs hurt a bit when getting up,” he says opposite “Bild am Sonntag. “But other than that, I feel fine.”

For his birthday, Freeman also looks back on his career and notes a few things critically. While the film “Seven”, in which he played alongside Brad Pitt (58), was “simply too violent” for him in retrospect, something completely different about the film “Purgatory of Vanities” bothers him.

“I only got the role, like a few others, because the makers wanted to be politically correct and needed a black actor,” complains the 85-year-old, drawing a clear conclusion. “I should have turned it down at the time.”

He also experienced racism elsewhere in Hollywood. In a film in which he was asked to play a radio operator, Freeman asked if he could play a scientist like some white colleagues. “In the end, I didn’t get the job. I was suddenly seen as a problem and too rebellious,” he reports to “Bild am Sonntag”.

Freeman also has his own take on his role in 1998’s Deep Impact. “I haven’t played a black president. I played a president who is black,” he clarifies – for him a small but subtle difference.

However, Freeman also has his own perspective on the issue of racism, which also brought him a lot of criticism. He believes that racism wouldn’t be such a big problem if it wasn’t talked about all the time. His goal: normal treatment of dark-skinned people instead of special treatment.

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