Recall that in the 2019/2020 season of the Continental hockey League (KHL), which was interrupted at the stage of the 1/4 finals of the playoffs, CSKA won the regular season and in the series 1/8 Cup Gagarin defeated Nizhny Novgorod “torpedo” – 4:0.

Second place in the ranking took Swedish “Lulea” leaping over through 10 positions. The third and fourth lines at the Kazan “AK the Leopard” and SKA, respectively. And Kazan rose again by 22 points.

From the KHL in the top ten also includes Kazakhstan “Barys”, which took ninth place, and Moscow “Dynamo”, which closes the TOP10. It is noted that “Barys” has never been included in the top ten teams in the ranking.

“the Leadership has kept CSKA, which was also the first in 2015 and 2016. Its hegemony was interrupted only SKA. Undivided dominance of the two super clubs lasts for six years, and the Russian teams and all 15. Let’s see how the situation changes after administration in the NHL’s hard salary cap,” – said in comments to the rating.

meanwhile, there is unofficial information according to which the striker Cyril Whims and goalie Ilya Sorokin can stay in CSKA for another season. Both players, the last years played for CSKA, going to continue his career in the National hockey League (NHL). However, hockey players have signed contracts beginners may not be allowed to play in the current NHL season, which will resume in the summer with the stage of the playoffs. And the next will start only in January. Thus, the Vagaries and Sorokin risk to stay without hockey for a very long time.

However, as reported, to return to CSKA, and the vagaries of Sorokin needs to sign with the army club contracts for the next season.