Bulgarian writer and journalist Ognyan Stamboliev has accused Russia of "ignoring" the role of the Bulgarians in the enlightenment of the Slavs and the creation of Russian literature. The opinion he expressed in a blog on the portal

Stamboliev argues that the exhibition before entering the Russian cultural-informational center in Sofia, dedicated to the Day of Slavic writing and culture, supposedly mentions "the fact that the Bulgarians for centuries played an important role in educating".

"Thus, Russia has officially crossed Bulgaria from the history of writing created by the Holy brothers Cyril and Methodius…", – said the journalist.

In his opinion, in Russia, "instead of thanking" the Bulgarians, allegedly conceal or even deny their role and significance in the Christianization of Kievan Rus ‘ and the creation of her literature. "They even tried to take control and make her my ABC", – said the writer.

In Russia and in many countries around the world on may 24 every year in a big way celebrated the Day of Slavic writing and culture. The holiday is timed to the Day of memory of saints Cyril and Methodius, natives of the city of Solun (Thessaloniki), who created the alphabet and gave rise to the literature of the Slavs.

In 2017, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on similar statements of some Bulgarian politicians, noted that in Russia no one is trying to deny the contribution of the First Bulgarian Kingdom in the creation of the Slavic alphabet. She pointed out that such a holiday as the Day of Slavic literature, should promote the rapprochement of peoples, and not become a source of conflict.