Important warning to PayPal users: As the “Welt” reports, phishing emails are currently in circulation, which appear to be sent via the email address “” and thus at first glance look like real messages from the work.

In the emails, the recipients are informed that a larger payment has allegedly been made to a third party. If this payment was not commissioned by the user himself, one should therefore call a stored telephone number in order to reach the PayPal helpdesk.


If the number is called, the victims are already in the network of scammers. On the phone, the customer is asked to enter the password and security code of the PayPal account. If you do that, the data goes straight into the hands of the scammers, who can use it to cause a lot of damage.

They can then easily withdraw money from the user accounts. If you have received such an email, you should move it directly to your spam folder. Since the messages are sent from apparently trustworthy email addresses, the mailing programs often do not recognize that they are attempts at fraud.

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