When you’ve got a giant company like Bestseller to bend, so it’s hard not to have a good feeling in the stomach.

“Right now it søreme a nice day.”

these are the words of Hanne Ameli Klausen, who as one of the only landlords really took up the fight as best-seller announced, that they do not have going to pay the rent at the addresses of their stores are located, as long as the corona-the crisis was a problem.

But Sunday morning she got up to the news that best-seller yet, was going to pay the rent.

“I’ve been inside on my account to check. I can see that the money is on the way in,” says a happy Hanne Ameli Klausen to B. T.

It was otherwise an incredibly unhappy landlord, as B. T. spoke with for a week and a half ago. Then Marianna Ameli Klausen found out that Bestseller owner Anders Holch Povlsen refused to pay the rent.

“I could understand if it had been a small merchant, but it here is one of Denmark’s wealthiest men,” she said at that time about Anders Holch Povlsen.

And if you ask Hanne Ameli Klausen, so think she intended that the attention that her dissatisfaction was in the media, has been essential to get the best seller to change his mind.

“I think absolutely it has helped. Newspapers, tv and radio have told my story, as best-seller has labeled the pressure from many different quarters. A person should take up the fight. The same has happened in Germany with Adidas,” she says.

She refers to, to the big sportstøjsmærke had the same starting point as the Bestseller with a plan not to pay the rent, but after a massive pressure then came the and came with an official apology in several of the major German newspapers.

And the same is therefore the case in Denmark Bestseller.

“I would like to apologize for our handling and regret if we inadvertently stepped next to some landlords,” Anders Holch Povlsen said to Finance.

Now, sitting Marianna Ameli Klausen with the big smile on, but perhaps it is only in a period of time. It is apparent, indeed, not on the best seller going to pay rent in may, if the situation continues as it is now.

“It’s really not a nice position. It is uncomfortable when you don’t know whether your greatest source of income coming in next month,” she explains.

So she is waiting with excitement and fear, whether the rent also comes into your account in the coming month.

“But until then I’m just happy to have scored my rent for april,” explains Hanne Ameli Klausen.