Due to an alarm in a hardware store, officials from the local police went to Commissariat 36 these. On site they noted that the outdoor area of the market standing metal fence and forced open and a Window had been smashed in.

A subsequent search of the entire construction market according to the suspects was inconclusive.

about two hours after the burglary, an employee of the Baumarks noticed a striking blue VW T-Roc on a neighboring property. This, he said, in turn, to the police, because it is exactly in this vehicle had been used a few days earlier from a woman who had committed in the hardware store for a shoplifting.

A patrol car crew went to the blue car and met in it sitting a couple. In the vehicle, the officers found, in addition to a potential burglary tool also alleged original Packed stolen goods from the hardware store, including a lawn mower. In addition, they made sure a stolen reported foreign passport and narcotic. Against the 25-year-old woman, who was sitting at the wheel of the car, there is also the suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. A corresponding drug test was positive.

in the absence of the accused were dismissed reasons, after the completion of the police action.

The investigation is being led by the Region of North-competent Burglary (LKA 142) and to take.


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