are you a suspect in a clothing store in a shopping Mall to be at the goose market collapsed.

The officers had observed the men because of their suspicious behavior and in this case for a few minutes lost sight of. Suddenly, the investigators noticed that one of the Suspects came out of a seem unlocked side entrance of the shopping Mall. Here he was holding two Jackets in the hands, which he had not worn before. The police officers arrested the Suspect, a 49-year-old German, on a provisional basis. In his waistband, they found a hammer.

After the officials gain had requested, they entered the Passage, and met a 34-year-old German, who also led two Jackets with him. Also this man took the investigators on a provisional basis.

At the time of Inspection in the Mall, the police stated that the suspect smashed in, apparently, to the window of a clothing business, and the Jackets were then stolen as a result.

Both the alleged stolen property as well as the emergency hammer was secured.

officials of the crime duration of service (LKA 26) took over the further investigation and led to both men after the recognition of the service treatment to the judge.

The investigations are ongoing.


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