The Senate of Hamburg has approved a schedule of fines for violations of the Corona pads. Accordingly, penalties of up to 25 000 euros in case of repeated violations possible, as the Senator for the interior, Andy Grote (SPD) said on Thursday in Hamburg to a special session of the Senate. The new regulation on the Corona pandemic, with the fines to take effect on Friday in force. At the same time the Hamburg rules applicable to the containment of the novel Coronavirus are bundled together and first of all to 19. April has been extended. “This is exhausting, it is stressful. We know that. But we must all be together for a while,“ said Grote.

Although most of the Hamburger kept to the rules, give it daily a about three-digit number of violations. “Since the validity of the contact constraints, we have identified over 1000 violations that we have prosecuted as a criminal case.” So just place references and residence bans were not issued. There had even been a nine arrests, because people are not at all been clear. “To the extent we are required here.”

With the administrative offences and fines in the catalogue, the police is now a more nuanced set of tools with which you could targeted and tailor-made with each of the violations deal, said Grote. The officials would, however, continue to use all Discretion.

Grote, according to 150 euros with the new catalog of fines for non-compliance with the Minimum distance of 1.5 meters in Public or when Entering a game places due. Unauthorized store openings with 2500 euros to 5000 euros punished. “This is not a tougher line. We will continue to be a sense of proportion on the way.“

Hamburg is well prepared for the next days and weeks. With the coming of the warm days, there are going to be increasingly the urge to go out, to move and to meet. “Over the Easter holidays which will increase again. And since we are appealing to behavior, all as disciplined as in the past. But we also know that it is increasingly difficult. In this respect, we are prepared now to respond to breaches appropriately,“ said the Senator for the interior.

All previously applicable General dispositions, so all of the previous restrictions, according to mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) of up to at least 19. April maintained. “We are in the same sound of all the countries,” said the mayor. And even then, it will not go expressly to loosening. “From then on, will be re-evaluated. (..) We must assume that we are still dealing quite a time with this epidemic.“ Patience and reason are now the need of the hour, stressed Tschentscher.