It wouldn’t be Halloween without an extravagant Heidi Klum costume. And this year, the actress and model’s majestic peacock costume was made by artisans from Cirque du Soleil.

2000. This is the number of hours it took nearly thirty Cirque du Soleil artisans to create the impressive costume.

Known for her over-the-top Halloween costumes, Heidi Klum contacted the Quebec company in September with the idea of ​​a peacock in mind.

The pressure to impress was all the greater since his costume last year – an earthworm – had created a buzz.

“She had to surpass herself,” summarizes Cirque du Soleil’s creative guide, Michel Laprise.

The result is an impressive optical illusion in which ten acrobats form the animal’s tail and even perform a choreography.

“We wanted to do something beautiful, alive. There is something moving in the movement,” explains Mr. Laprise.

We quickly agreed that the model should go to Montreal to try on the costume. In mid-October, Heidi Klum arrived in town on the sly.

“As soon as she arrived, she was one of the gang. She was really involved. It was a big day, and we made a lot of progress,” says Michel Laprise.

In total, 29 Cirque du Soleil artisans participated in the project, including costume designer Marie Chantale Vaillancourt (KÀ, Kooza) and creative directors Marie-Hélène Delage and Émilie Grenon-Emiroglou.

In front of the photographers, Heidi Klum was accompanied by her husband Tom Kaulitz, himself disguised as an egg.

In the past, the model has notably borrowed the features of Fiona from the world of Shrek and Jessica Rabbit.