earlier this week, the two old people’s homes were placed under quarantine. As Halle’s mayor Bernd Wiegand (independent) said on Monday, were tested in the Johannes Jänicke-house 22 residents and nine staff has a positive impact on the Coronavirus. And all of the 252 test results were not available yet. A 91-year-old resident, who died in the night from Sunday to Monday, had previously been tested negative.

“A connection with the Coronavirus has not been established”

“A connection with the Coronavirus has not been established,” said Wiegand. Still no test results, there are 24 residents in the “house at the theatre”.

Both facilities have been equipped with additional protection equipment for the employees. Because of the positive Tests they will have priority in terms of equipment, said occupational health doctor Christine Gröger and stressed at the same time, the city could support the nursing homes only gradually. The city had recently ordered the Federal government to the country, as well as in private companies, medical protective equipment. Including 10,000 special FFP2 masks, and 63,000 Pairs of gloves, and 2,000 liters of disinfectant.

only a small replenishment

Arrived just a little grace, as the Lord mayor said on Monday Arrived. In addition, Wiegand had requested as a precautionary measure, the help of the Bundeswehr medical care. This was rejected by the Bundeswehr.

Wiegand went out on Monday, the medical protection equipment ranges in hall for ten days. The current Situation he described as a “hardness test” and “test of patience”. Occupational health doctor Christine Gröger said the operations are becoming more and more complex, the chains of Infection is longer and broader. This means Gröger, according to that, in individual cases, not to determine which Person has brought the Virus into a facility.

employees may homes only in protective equipment to enter

The occupational health doctor also pointed out that test-positive persons from the medical sector are “just Concerned”. They wanted to prevent with this note that the infected nurses are as guilty hung. The “house at the theatre”, as well as the “Johannes Jänicke-house” allowed to enter, employees only in protective equipment. The residents stay in their rooms. There is a respect care, which means that the residents are cared for by the same staff. In the care of infected persons and the employees wear FFP2 masks.

A complete Screening of all nursing homes in hall is not currently planned. 56 nursing homes in different sizes there are in total in the city. The homes are encouraged to observe the health condition of their inhabitants. (mz)

This article was written by Denny Kleindienst

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