at 9 a.m. on Friday morning, the first car in the queue rolls into the Parking lot of the Agency. The city has commissioned a mobile test station in operation. For people with suspected Corona Virus, there is a further point to test. The difference to other fever centres in hall is that the people do not have to enter the waiting room and not even a building. You stay in your car seats.

auxiliary shoes forces with hand, most of them medical students, a clipboard with a questionnaire in each car. You will be asked about to a stay in a Corona-risk area, and for symptoms that suggest the suspicion for an infection with the Virus. Specified address, and phone number must be also.

in the Middle of the Parking lot in a white Container

in the Middle of the Parking lot in a white Container. As soon as a motorist arrived there, is passed to the questionnaire, together with health insurance card to one of the helpers in the Container. Quasi from window to window. Behind the Container, the doctor is ready, finally, on Friday, the Michael Great. He is wearing protective clothing and has created a Mouth guard. He down leans to the driver’s window and performs a short survey. Then it is: open your mouth! And the doctor takes a swab. Then every motorist rolled back from the yard. The swabs are sent to the lab to Dessau. The result is at the earliest after 24 hours.

That principle ancestors of smear-more reminiscent to actually drive to the Drive-In counters at Fast-Food Came from chains such as McDonald’s. on this first day of people with very different ages. Most of the time you sit alone, rarely several people in a car. “We were hoping that it goes a little faster,” says a man behind the wheel to the question of why he uses the mobile test station. Next to him his wife is sitting. Both want to test. Your house doctor, and have recommended it to them. Not quite as fast, as hoped, is not it, meanwhile. Also, when Corona-the Drive-In and patience is needed.

Mobile Station is solely designed for motorists, and only for Halle

So the queue is out on the Schopenhauer street not too long, make the employees of the regulatory office in the morning from a queue in the Parking lot of short-hand-three. And a woman who does not want to wait any longer, help you, back out of the car a traffic jam to get out. A motorcycle driver you send, meanwhile the same again. The mobile Station is solely designed for motorists, and only for Halle.

According to Christian Beuchel, the managing Director of the nearby Poli Reil, where the fever center is operated, to open the mobile test station on the Parking lot of the Agency for the next ten days. Daily, from 9 to 16 o’clock.

Halle’s mayor Bernd Wiegand (independent) spoke at the press conference on Friday at noon up there around 50 cars, at the mobile Station. The crowd was large, it from the course but arranged. If there are additional mobile stations? According to the occupational health doctor Christine Gröger you should see how much this Station is frequented. (mz)

This article was written by Denny Kleindienst

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