A small plane from Leverkusen has disappeared from the radar on the way from Croatia to Germany. Devices received the last signal from the machine 200 kilometers after the start of the machine in Split. Rescuers are hampered in their search by inclement weather.

After a small plane from Leverkusen disappeared from radar in Croatia on Sunday, the search for the machine continued at full speed on Monday. According to information from Croatia, around 100 people were involved in the search parties, said the chairman of the Bayer Leverkusen air sports club, Reinhard Sablowski, to which the machine and its pilot belong. Croatian media had reported that there was suddenly no radar signal from the Cessna 182 machine with four people on board after taking off from the Croatian Adriatic city of Split in the direction of Leverkusen on Sunday afternoon.

Croatian search teams discovered the wreckage of the plane on Monday morning. There was initially no information about the fate of the pilot and the three passengers, Croatian media reported, citing the HGSS rescue service. The plane wreck was found in the hamlet of Brocanac, 100 km south of Zagreb.

According to Sablowski, the last signal came from Sluny, which is almost 200 kilometers north-west of Split. The terrain there is very rough. Bad weather initially prevented the use of helicopters. He hopes that the pilot may have made an emergency landing and that he has not yet been able to report because there is no network in the region. The pilot is an experienced pilot, a “very valued, popular and committed member” of the club. The three passengers are known to the pilot.

The German air traffic control search and rescue service reported the disappearance of the Cessna to the Leverkusen club around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. According to information from the club, the machine was on the return flight. She had previously started for Croatia in Leverkusen on Thursday. According to the Croatian media, rescue workers are using drones on site. “The forces are doing a good job there,” said Sablowski. “We hope, our prayers and our thoughts are with the pilot and his family,” the statement said. First, the “Rheinische Post” reported on the origin of the aircraft.

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