More and more Russians are trying to escape the willful madness of the last Putin years by leaving the country. After the forced conscription for the Ukraine war, voting began with their feet. Putin has apparently miscalculated.

The most effective weapon against Putin is Putin. The Kremlin ruler is coming under pressure because, after an unsuccessful military offensive in Ukraine, he now has to resort to forced conscription on the home front. Without the human supplies, the next war chapter could very well be its final chapter.

Despite a security apparatus that does not reward those who think differently, but rather tortures them, civil disobedience has taken place in a variety of ways over the past few days:

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“In order to prolong his own power, he mauls the neighboring country, killing people there. And now he’s throwing a huge number of Russian citizens into the meat grinder.”

For these statements in the courtroom, Navalny was given 12 days in solitary confinement. The man – once a successful opposition politician with his own party – has been in prison since his arrest in early 2021 and was sentenced to nine years in prison. His worst crime: He shot and published a documentary about the Kremlin ruler’s private palace, which is available on YouTube.

More and more Russians are trying to escape the willful madness of the last Putin years by leaving. A vote with your feet has begun:

“We don’t want to wait to be drafted. “

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According to AFP, there were also queues of cars at the borders with Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Witnesses report hours of waiting at the border crossings. An immigrant at the Mongolian border reported that he had to wait 12 hours before he could cross the border by car.

Conclusion: Putin has apparently lost his way in his own law-and-order system. He presses the buttons of the powerful and is amazed that the powerless push back. Putin’s winter has begun.