Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps feels like a greatest olympian ever, along with all of the athletes that the Games be postponed till 2021. He is particularly concerned about their mental health: “I hope that the number of suicides, not increase.”

Phelps put an end to his career after the Olympics in Rio de janeiro in 2016. Five-time gold and one silver medal in Brazil, the thickness he of his total number of olympic medals in up to 28 – no one will ever be better made. However, after the Games of London 2012, at which time he ever stopped, he made a mental tough period of time. 2014, saw this, he was arrested for drunk driving, and he ended up in a depression. The Us swimming federation suspended him, and Phelps also spent a month and a half in a rehabkliniek on.

“Your whole life is based on the Play, and then you will get this unexpected turn of events”.

Michael Phelps,

The topic of mental health and offers Clues to the heart. I would imagine that the decision for Tokyo 2020 by a year, to make up for all of the athletes in a heavy blow, that means, after four years of dedicated to the have to have to peak at the Olympics. “I feel very happy with the athletes now,” he said in an interview with the American news and the Olympics rights-holder NBC. “Your entire life has been focused on the Olympics, and then you will get this unexpected turn of events. I am, however, happy to find out that they will end up still with a year to prepare, but the wait makes it more and more difficult. Mental health is of the utmost importance. I really hope that we will have no increase in the number of suicides among the athletes to see that.”