Grandmothers will write e-hospital

14-day isolation.

I Called the clinic to see how our analysis, which we passed on the tenth day of quarantine. The doctor cheered, coronavirus have not discovered. And even at my request, sent a photograph of the results – to see it, everything is fine.

Next I decided to find out how things are going with the hospital quarantine. In the personal Cabinet on the website of the social insurance Fund says that the electronic certificate of incapacity issued: opening date – the day of crossing the border. Closing date: 14 days. Specified even the doctor who was in the hospital. The system is running.

And on the sixth of April in Nizhny Novgorod region starts the new wave of electronic hospital quarantine: this time for working people older than 65 years, which the government decided to protect from unnecessary contact with people in the risky time. This applies to those who can’t work remotely. Disability electronic certificate can be obtained from the period 6 to 19 April. No documents to fill and I don’t need to go anywhere is not necessary.

Photo: Press-service of the Armenian leader Volunteers and social services of the Republic of Adygea together to help elderly people

We phoned the head of the Department of social insurance Fund of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Yury Habarovym. He said that only in our region such citizens almost 50 thousand. “I want to remind employers about the fact that it is important to transmit in the FSS data for each of these employees to design a remote hospital for quarantine. More than 80 percent of employers we’ve already been warned. The calculation of benefits will be carried out according to the General rules: when you experience more than eight years, all the days of sick leave paid at a rate equal to the average monthly earnings for this period”, – he explained.

someone who is old enough will receive a remote hospitalth for the duration of the quarantine you need to remember: it’s not a vacation, not a reason once again to go to the dacha or to see relatives. It’s time for the most careful attitude to their health and compliance with all rules on quarantine.

Our experience has shown that sitting at home on the most stringent conditions possible, though there are complications. I’ll be honest: two weeks ago we were not sure that we will. If two adults can disperse on different rooms and isolate themselves from each other if desired, in the company of a student and a preschooler to keep the nervous system intact is more difficult.

Photo: iStock What new books will help keep children occupied at the time of isolation

What helped to survive? First, a recommendation about the routine. We tried not to let kids in free swimming and do not allow, no matter how wanted, to lie in bed a little longer, and in the evening to go to bed later. At seven in the morning I consistently Wake up younger daughter, then she agreed to sleep during the day, as in the garden. Elder manages to make it to eight in the morning. In 21 hours for both the time of going to sleep. Honestly, at this point, and my husband and I were ready to join in the children’s daily routine.

the Second point, which saves the family the rest is equal participation in the lives of children. If one of the adults working and the children are already at the limit, the second gets up from behind her computer and goes to entertain. Most children, oddly enough, pleased even short-term participation. So 15 minutes active and attentive games gives you the opportunity to work the remaining 45 minutes.

the Third point is walking. Their absence proved to be the most serious challenge for children, accustomed to walk in any weather without exception.

Partially solves the problem of active aeration in conjunction with home fitness. During the day we do a few organized sports breaks, helps video. A five-minute charging with 3D for younger kids, a ten-minute stretch with youtube for the older dancers, a bit of Jillian Michaels for my mother.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA Novosti CPS reminded how to eat in terms of self-isolation

the Children willingly respond to almost any of the common classes provided by the parents in a good mood. “Go teach!” – this is not the same that “come on, let’s finish this up?” And a very different sound, “One, two, three, the last one will be on the charge, he lost!”.

For the first couple of days of quarantine, I managed to teach children to dance favorite dance of our childhood – the Macarena, then Lambada, “moonwalk” and Gangnam Style!

the Fourth paragraph, as it is it sounds harsh, it is the control for screen time. We have tried to minimize all the cartoons in the afternoon, to the time of sleep, the nervous system of children are not loaded to the limit. Were there exceptions? Of course you were. And probably will.

it is clear that before 30 APR all over. So we all need to be patient and just go through it all. Take care of yourself. Be healthy!

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