the Majority of fodboldligaerne around the world is quiet due to corona-the epidemic, but in a few places, they look completely away from the disease.

In Nicaragua is the government page decided to continue as if nothing has happened, when president Daniel Ortega apparently is afraid of losing office if there is a normal daily life, and the country again, which in 2018 will be hit by a big national strike.

“They will not stop the league, and we are trying to be professional and do what we love, with the fear of not knowing what’s going to happen. No feel at ease,” says the player Taufic Guarch from the club Real Esteli to ESPN.

“I can see that it is a serious situation, for I speak with my family in Mexico,” adds the unhappy Guarch, who reports that the government is trying to tysse coronavirussen down.

“You don’t hear much about it,” he notes.

It is not only in the central american country, that the severity has not gone up for those with power. Also in Belarus, lack the sanity to seep into the minds of those with the control. The other day started on a brand new season, and it was even with the spectators on the battens.

“Why should we not play? We have a state of emergency in the country? This is not a serious situation, and therefore we have decided to start the league as planned,” said the president of the belarusian football federation, Vladimir Bazanov, who on Saturday let the majority of the second round of the league being wound-up, while Sunday’s matches.

“Many matches in Europe, is held or was held without spectators, but then assembled in place outside of the stadium, so it makes no sense to close the doors,” came the explanation from Bazanov, which even holds on to the position.