Bride Abigail not only has precise ideas about her wedding dress, but also what her guests will wear. Their strict regulations are met with incomprehension online. 

Many women have dreamed of their wedding since they were little girls. Once the big day has come, many brides have very clear ideas about what the “most beautiful day of their life” should be like. 

For Abigail, these ideas don’t stop at the location or even her own wedding dress. She also imposes a strict dress code on her guests, as she explains in a video on TikTok. For example, female guests are under no circumstances allowed to wear a dress that contains white. 

The video has now become a five-part series, some of which have been seen and discussed diligently by over three million people. 

Abigail has received so much criticism from her videos that she responds to the nastiest comments in a separate video. 

“Imagine being so insecure that you do that at your wedding. Girl, go to a therapist,” writes one user. 

Another adds: “I’ve never seen a pretty bride take care of something like that at her wedding.” Another user recommends that she just relax. “I have never been relaxed for a day in my life,” counters the bride. 

Occasionally, the bride-to-be receives understanding for her dress code. “I agree with you” or “You’re not being dramatic” are some of the comments. 

But she’s not the only one who’s causing a stir with her wedding specifications. A bride recently caused a stir when she wanted to dictate everything to her friends on the big day – even the color of her eyes. 

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