Simone Kowalski (22) thanks to “Germany’s Next Topmodel” too much. After winning the Reality TV show, the Model received an Agency contract, endorsement Deals and prize money of 100’000 Euro. Nevertheless, you can’t win the consignment a lot of Good, as she says in “Playboy”. Kowalski is on the cover of the may issue of the magazine, which will appear tomorrow, Friday.

“I’m fortunate that I’ve been through”, so the balance of the Models. “I don’t think that should allow a production like that. That you take it as entertainment true how people make each other down, I find it impossible.” Therefore, you could not watch the show until now, once, know, also, who is this year among the candidates: “I think that says a lot.”

“Drama Queen” because of health issues,

Particularly with your own representation, you have quarrelled. Kowalski has often been regarded as a “Drama Queen” and for many as a relay-bitch. Their tears had flowed, often because of their health problems. “I have made of performance sports. Unfortunately, I had a Run-out. This was noted early, but no one knew how to deal right. Eventually, I had severe back pain and foot cramps,” says Kowalski.

“GNTM” have you seen anything, though: “I think a lot of today it is not open to the public. I had regular cramps, the day before the Final Show, I’m failed completely and was picked up with the ambulance.” Prior to their participation in the “Germany’s Next top model” had to be done three Times consecutively operated on: “it was all very expensive, so I was tied up a year in bed or in a wheelchair sat. This is, of course, also mentally not easy.”

praise for Heidi Klum

“GNTM”-Boss lady Heidi Klum (46) my Kowalski with their criticism, but did not specifically. On the contrary, The Reality-TV-winner for the Model-mom only positive words. “I associate a lot of negative experiences with “GNTM”, but she has always believed in me. She was for me like a good friend,” she says. However, Klum is not likely to be pleased with the all round impact of your former protege straight.

her father Günther Klum (74), runs the model Agency OneEins and Kowalski under the contract was, at any rate, clear words for them in the “image”: “Simone had very many years the ability to track the shipment. So she knew what she was getting. The “Playboy” would have been without your participation in the “GNTM” is never aware of them.” (klm)