For children “Leather ball” – a Grand celebration an outstanding event, which may, in sporting terms will determine the rest of their life. Our competitions each year show that Russia has very capable guys and from the little stars grew big stars for the national team!

unfortunately, this year because of the pandemic coronavirus competition “moved”, the final part is scheduled for late summer, but the final decision is open to question. Despite all the obstacles, girls and boys who love football, love to chase the ball: children are children, energy needs to come out, and well, when this energy is positive. Football unites everyone!

Our heroine – a young talented football player Yana Medvedeva, born in 2006. She was born and lives in the Republic of Khakassia, in a small town (only 20 thousand population) Abaza. For three years, engaged in local youth, coach Evgeny Bronislavovich Slurry; playing in a local Junior women’s soccer team “metallurg”.

In the 14 years she has achieved much to the envy of other adults. Jan – 3-time city champion and 2-time – national competitions. And the present “window of the world,” she opened, as several generations of other girls and boys, the legendary tournament “Leather ball”.

last year in France held the world Cup in female football. That is Yana Medvedeva, a young girl from a small Russian town of Abaza, opened in Paris game in the quarterfinals of the world Cup women’s football (Sweden – Canada).

to Bring Ian in Paris was possible thanks to the Club “Leather ball”, the official sponsor for the period – the company “Coca-Cola” and, of course, FIFA. Ian attended the training teams before the match at the stadium “Parc des princes” and opened the game. She just watched the training and game venerable athletes, but also memorized, wrote down all sorts of technical tricks, feints, shots on goal – absorbed all the atmosphere of a big the women’s game to keep and bring it to your small town, your team, to pass on to their clubmates. And it succeeded!

Ian successfully graduated from the 7th class of comprehensive school No. 49 G. Abaza, enjoys dancing, music, literature, but certainly in first place in her soccer and her team in which she is the undisputed leader. Girls listen to it all. She helps coach Eugene Slurry to conduct classes, develop different techniques of soccer. She especially loves tricks which were assembled at the famous players at the world Cup, she tries to fulfill them and generously shared their skills with peers from your team.

Yana’s Dream is to play for his metallurg in city competitions, and eventually Postup��be in Krasnoyarsk state pedagogical University to be ranked in based on this high school youth and then the main team Krasnoyarsk “Yenisei”, which competes in the highest division of women’s championship of Russia.

the Countrymen of the young athletes are proud of their compatriot. In school, a student who is Yana, trainer E. Calicem already trained many masters in women’s football, playing in the top division (Tatiana Petrova – JFK in CSKA and Valery Khomyakov in Moscow UOR “Zvenigorod”).