• PUSH – Coronavirus in the sports world “As in world war II”: Atalanta Bergamo complained eight dead employees

For the past two weeks, Germany is due to the Corona-crisis in many areas to a standstill. Closed To Shops, Schools, Day-Care Centres. Significantly less traffic. Social Distance. Everything comes to rest. We are the only athletes should move us on, us on the Olympic games in Tokyo to prepare. Without Training Sites. Without A Training Partner. Without the necessary equipment. Fortunately, this bizarre Situation is over now.

on Tuesday, finally, the Olympic games have been moved, I fell a stone from the heart. Because in this global emergency situation, with hundreds of thousands and now tens of thousands of dead is the Sport, are Diseased, the Olympic games, only thing. It’s much more than that. So that together we will overcome this crisis and as few people as possible from the effects of the pandemic will be affected.

pillars of the sport are broken apart,

The shift of the Olympic games is not a decision that breaks above the knee. Still, I would have liked an earlier decision and a clearer communication from the IOC. Finally, it was clearly foreseeable that the pandemic has not yet reached already its peak, and the impact in the coming weeks and months will be even more sharply felt. In addition, important pillars of the sport are almost everywhere for an indefinite period of time broken away from qualifying betting options to set Anti-Doping System to fight over-training.

of Course, this unprecedented Situation has also changed my everyday life. I’m a family man, but my family in Soest, I’m not going to visit in the coming weeks. Because it is only the avoidance of social contacts can slow down the Corona pandemic, and so prevent our health system is collapsing due to the ever faster increasing number of coronavirus patients.

Training on the Lawn

The apartment I’m leaving just to go shopping, for walks and for Training. This takes place at the moment on a Lawn. Fortunately, I have runs of a starting block and a sledge for Resistance to draw, so I can somewhat train. Since I’m in contrast to pole-vaulters and hammer throwers, who are dependent on their sports investment, in a much better Situation. A weight room is missing me, I can only train with the weight.

Although my training meadow is similar in some Places, more a field. But starting next week I can train to a level lawn area. This opportunity has given me a Bamberger company after my call with Instagram. The site can I enter or leave without coming into contact with other people. Through this opportunity I am very grateful.

hope to competitions in the late summer of

Almost all of my workouts I’ll take a Video and send to my coach, Lance Brauman. We then discuss together on the phone or by WhatsApp the respective Training. My training group in Florida is struggling at the moment with similar conditions as ours. Also there are training courses and force closed rooms. You improvise in the same way as the German top athletes.

the question Remains: For what I’m training at the moment, to train athletes around the world? I hope that, in the late summer competitions can be, perhaps even the German Championships in Braunschweig, Germany. Also the European Championships in Paris has not yet been moved. In addition, a performance athlete can not put simply for half a year, the legs high and back in the autumn with the Training for the season 2021 start. A good basic level must be kept. However, currently, competitions or other big way events are still quite far. Currently, only our common commitment to the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic is one.

As a community

I hope that this exceptional situation as fast as possible over as few people with the disease have to suffer and at the same time, our company is positively influenced. That people do not fall into economic hardships and we as a community more together and stick together. Nurses, nurses, shopkeepers, paramedics, and Nurses and many other important professions again and again to experience the appreciation they deserve. The digital infrastructure will not be expanded further, so that the home office and E-Learning remains the exception but the rule.

I hope that I can soon exercise back to my beloved Sport as we knew it prior to the Corona. I’ll meet you and you are healthy in the stadium, in shops, on the street. That we come as close to us as before. When that is so far, can say, today still nobody. That is why we must remain together, at home, in order to protect old and sick people. The current Situation shows us how we can be thankful for each new day that we may enjoy the world healthy.

This article was written by Gina gap Kemper Kimmich and Goretzka on “WeKickCorona” and their impact on society FOCUS Online/Glomex Kimmich and Goretzka on “WeKickCorona” and their influence on the society

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