All have already got used that the results of the CHL brings in the closing ceremony of the season. But the routine was confused by the pandemic coronavirus. Due to her March 16, the League suspended the season and the 25th of the same month decided to finish it early. By the time was finished the regular season and the playoffs decided the quarterfinalists: “AK bars”, “Barys” “the Dynamo” (Moscow), “Jokerit”, “Salavat Yulaev” “Siberia” SKA and CSKA. Logically, later it was decided to leave this season without the champion of the KHL. There can be no ceremonies. But the winners of the season the League is still named.

the Holders of a majority of the awards were known in advance, because was defined strictly on the basis of statistical results of the regular season. The intrigue was present only in four categories. In the most prestigious of them the winner was Dmitry Yashkin. His father Alexei Yashkin was also a hockey player, played for Voskresensky “the Chemist”, and then together with the family moved to the Czech Republic. There Dmitry and received Czech citizenship. But to play in Russia, he still had a chance. This season was his debut in the NHL Yashkin came straight from Washington, where he appeared alongside Alexander Ovechkin. The debut was outstanding. In the regular season Yashkin scored 63 (31+32) points, two less than top scorer and teammate Vadim Shipachev.

still, the choice of CHL is not indisputable. Played Yashkin shoulder to shoulder with the same Vadim shipachyov, who seems to be able to do more than any partner in any case in the NHL. By the way, do hockey players in the recent voting conducted by the League, the best is called Vadim. But anyway, the decision of the KHL has already been taken. And, apparently, he Yashkin the MVP not surprised. “It’s nice that such a prestigious award was given to me. Especially since this was my first season in the League. Could I do better? There is no limit to perfection” – quoted hockey official website of the KHL.

the Best goalkeeper was recognized as the goalkeeper of Kazan “AK Bars” Timur Bilyalov. Considering that brand on all key indicators goalie Bilyalov among the leaders, there is nothing surprising here. Plus this season Timur set a record of Championships of Russia and the KHL for the duration of the dry series – 316 minutes and 9 seconds. “Yes, technically, the record belongs to me, but it set the whole team – you guys helped a lot of shots caught on themselves many attacks of the opponent were destroyed on the distant approaches to our goal,” said the winner.

Kazan was the best rookie of the season, Artem Galimov. But the winner of the prize “For fidelity to hockey” the name of Sergei Gimayev was the 36-year-old Alexander Semin from the “Vityaz”. “It is an honor to receive the award, named in honor of a man like Sergey Gimaev – said the veteran. – Thank you to the League for appreciating my contribution to the game teamdy. I feel great, not feel my age and do what you love, getting pleasure from it”.

as for the other nominations, the top scorer title was won by the centre-forward Moscow “Dynamo” Vadim Shipachev scored in 62 of 65 games (17+48) points. “Of course, nice to finish first among the scorers of the regular season. I think that Cyril Whims, and Dmitry Yashkin no less deserved this title, in the end they fell behind quite a bit,” summed up Vadim Shipachyov.

the Mentioned Dynamo CSKA striker Kirill Whims behind Sipacheva three points, but for the second year in a row has no match in the nomination “the best sniper. This time on account of forward 33 goals. According to Cyril, “it would not work without team mates”.

But if to speak about the impact the triples of the regular season, then the championship at the Dynamo trio, which in addition to Sipacheva and yashkina included Andre Petersson.

the Most effective defender according to the system goal+pass in the regular season was the Finn Mikko Lehtonen from “Jokerit”. “I personally and the club had a successful season, I was entrusted a big role in the team, which resulted in individual achievements,” – said the hockey player.

Finally, the only team trophy, the Cup of the continent in the name of Viktor Tikhonov, relying the best team of the regular season, the fifth time and second in a row, went to CSKA Moscow.

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